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He says, “Be still, and know that I am God."- Palsm 46:10

A short getaway is a must to refresh one's spirit, clear one's mind and inspire one's soul. To spend a day or an afternoon in a total new place is always a pleasure. It is splendid to spoil yourself with no matter just a sip of tea, a bite of dessert or some private time with a book by the beach. Let go and be yourself; listen to your heart and pull people closer. And most importantly, enjoy the ride in life.

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How would you plan your own little trips outside or around town ?

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Bath, one of the most the beautiful and renowned old city located on the western part of UK. It takes only an hr and a half bus drive from London to get to this gorgeous little city where you can find old astonishing buildings that you would swoon over and over again. Being known widely for its Roman bath(named after it) and as the hometown for Jane Austen, the great writer that you would not miss in your English Literature lesson, is a very cozy place, filled with cottages and well, love stories i suppose. It is quite amazing as if being part of the Jane's story while hanging around in this romantic city. Well, imagine yourself meeting Mr. Dsrcy....


Spending one day here would be quite enough for me, though I know there are still some places worth going. Honestly, I like London more, indeed it is a nice place to spend your weekends or vacation whenever you need to be inspired again. And hey, dont' miss out the Sally Lunn's bun, a great choice for those who love enjoying baked dairy products in a vintage building where you will hear cracks of wooden floors when walking up the staircases...and if you ask me if I ever tasted the water from the bath( known to be a healthy spring water with multiple minerals.... but with weird taste?) sorry to disappoint you that my lack of courage brought hesitation to me from trying the bathing water of the people from years ago.'s a place worth going, especially with your lover....a great place to stay behind for serinity.

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Brighton, located on the southern part of UK, also a well-know top great escape choice for Bristish, is a must go for those who love sunshine and (pebbles)beaches. It is always a great choice for weekend gateaway if you want to taste more of the sunny side of UK. 

When you walk to the pier, you would see a set of rides and games that reminds you of the good old days. Clustered of restaurant selling fish and chips and stylish local lifestyle stores are analigned along the beachside.


Make sure you grab a cup of seafood along the coast and enjoy the sun! I highly recommend you to go on a sunny day, where you can sit on the grassland and have few sips of coffee, to experience the sunny UK ;) 


p.s. the stores are closed by around 6(except restaurants), rmb to do your shopping earlier!



on the way!


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