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Raw Artist Show

Rosemount Hotel, Perth WA 2019

I was invited to participate in a group exhibition held by Raw Artist with artists from different creative streams. A collection of art works created out of various mediums are displayed under the title " Don't box love in", which emphasises and celebrates the on-going process of a journey in art-making or life in general.

Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 21.51.31.png

“Don’t box love in” consists six pieces of artworks among all other pieces.They are an expressive comments on not limiting the expectation in love.

Is is a depiction of my faith journey towards my acknowledgement and revelation of the idea: “God is love.” 


The love of God is often viewed as conditioned, strict and distant to many people, even to Christians. In my journey of seeking Christ, I discovered love and realised the love of God is way more real,intense and intimate that is way beyond my imagination. 


I believe the word ‘love’ is an overused yet understated word nowadays. People’s expectation of ‘love’ often results in frustration, heartbreaks and disappointment. Real sense of being loved and the strength to love can only be found in true love, that is Christ.


Only the perfect love restores hope.  

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