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Art Exhibition with OM Arts International in Italy 2016

My artworks are exhibited in the community hall of the town centre of Isola Del Gran Sasso, 

together with other 14 visual artists from different nations all over the world during the exhibition week, held by OM Arts International, after creating together for two and a half months. 

The exhibition is open to the public and artist talks are given, during the exhibitions period. 

'A beautiful mind is about to be

set free'




The collection is inspired by the idea of' a beautiful mind is about to be set free'. I would love to emphasise the true beauty of a person by drawing people's different facial expressions. As inspired by the pop art style, portraits are outlined with clean and simple lines and bright acrylic colours are used to represent the joy found in the beauty and freedom of a person.




Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Board - 18cmx96cm



Acrylic on Canvas and Ink on Canvas Board - 40cmx40cm


Through my artworks, I hope to challenge the way how people perceive a person's value and reinforce the true identity of any human being, who is wonderfully and beautifully made by God according to His image. I believe a beautiful mind can only be set free when one truly realizes and believes his/her identity in God's eyes.


Each of them is created and inspired accordingly to the uniqueness of my friends from different nationalities, who shared their thoughts and feelings about 'freedom' and 'beauty'.


The creations all carry a distinctive message and tell stories about the person itself; they are results of combinations of my observations and responses after getting to know them personally. It is fun to create them, visualizing what I see in them, with simple strokes and sweet contrasting colours, as a delight in God's eye.

Sara-Be filled with Joy

Acrylic on Canvas - 40cmx40cm


Joelle-Inside Out (Now)

Acrylic on Canvas - 25cmx25cm


Joelle-Inside Out (Future)

Acrylic and Ink on Transfer Paper and Canvas - 30cmx30cm

Artworks photo credit: Garrette Nasrallah

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