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Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: London

Has been quite a few moody and grumpy days I try to focus more on the bright side of life (well, for example checking out the styling, fashion and cooking channels and reality shows from YouTube).

So i clicked on Rachel Khoo's cooking tutorial on YouTube as usual!I love her style of cooking and clothing. The red lips and colourful dresses definitely make an her creativity in cooking. How I wish I could be like her, staying in Paris and now in London for what you are passionate about. She is writer too, who published her own cookbook "The Little Paris Kitchen"last year.

Nigella Lawson is another woman whom I appreciate a lot. Love her equipped kitchen, her energy and of course her food. I remember I usually watched her show after a tiring day of school, beautifully cooked food do has it own magic is heal people not only in their stomach but also their souls and emotions! Plus, it's always a happy thing to learn something new and to be blown away by the beauty of food..!

They cook simple dishes and not hard to follow with reasonable budgets. If you have time, go try out some of the recipes!

Another YouTube channel I recommend for those who love DIY, fashion and food is Leaf channel. It is a place to check out some fresh and nice ideas on styling and culinary in just a few seconds. They don't make long videos, which I adore. Quick, chic and mindful, inspiring you in the way you won't expect. Their videos are nicely produced with different cool music for each video.

Okay, well besides the cooking fun, I would always watch reality shows and there is one I must mention, "The Undercover Boss". It was recommended by my sister, and I love the fact that it makes me cry most of the time. It was quite a generous act for the boss to be an undercover in his own company. One of the best bosses to me is Joel Manby, CEO of the Herschend Family Entertainment. He even wrote a book about management called" Love Works." It was a good book with truthful sharing about how love actually works in his management of the company (yay, as what the title tells you). Not an average management book to find in HK, so you may get it online.


Emotions hit you anytime, so make sure you treat yourself better with joyful and inspiring ideas to keep yourself from drenching into the bad moods.

I hope these favourites of mine would inspire you too!



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