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How do I look

This is a homework done during the fashion journalism short course in the London College of Fashion. It is the first task given by the tutor and was told it is not an easy writing task. But I'm glad that it is given a positive feedback, which is quite uplighting:)

The reason why I would like to post this writing as my first piece of blog is that, I found this topic quite interesting, "how do I look?" Surely this question isn't limited to just ladies, but also to gentlemen. When writing this piece I instantly think of issue about self-esteem which reminds me of how God actually looks at us as individual. Opinions on our appearances, behaviour and attitude from others do matter, but more importantly what really matter is the way you look at yourself and how God actually view you in his eyes. He loves us just the way we are.

So, instead of wasting time hurting yourself mentally and physically, why not keep this universal truth in mind. Remember that God's love is unconditional and His mercy is always enough, without fear but hope!

He would definitely describe us as...Precious, valuable and beautiful.

Do you belive in that?

I do.

How do I look

“How do I look?” is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions by most people on the planet. Nobody on Earth does not care about his or her appearance as well as how he or she is perceived in others’ eyes. To a certain extent, you cannot live without others’ perspective on you, as it is one of the ways to figure yourself out.

Flying over continents for 18 hours from Hong Kong makes me wonder if London is ready to welcome an Asian girl like me. Luckily, almost all the people I met in my journey until now are nice and generous, even the manager in the reception said I look pretty on the first morning here in London. I believed in it and took it as a compliment, making my day as uplifting as it could be.

Back to my childhood that was filled with wonder and fantasy, dreaming to become the most loveable person on earth, having myself dressed in Disney princess dresses as my significant “style”. Growing up in Hong Kong where different cultures came across, I was deeply influenced by Western culture. I wore Roxy jeans and t-shirts in my teens and I wore second-hand vintage outfits when I entered university. All I want to do is to make myself look and feel good. People commented on my looks occasionally, some said I was too exaggerated and some said I was creative. Somehow, when time past and you gradually realized how you act rather than how you dress determine how you look. I also realized that I felt more delightful when people are telling me “you look happy” rather then “you look beautiful”, though I don’t mind receiving both of the compliments.

To look good is an attitude you choose and create. It’s easy to let insecurity took over you when you simply look upon to other’s view to define who you are and how you look. I recall a song from the movie Annie called, ”You are never fully dressed without a smile”. So why not just stay true and believe in yourself, hanging the best smile and simply telling the truth that, “I look amazing today!”

"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." Genesis 1:31



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