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3 days 2 nights at the capital of the Czech Republic where numerous hidden hisorical stories are hidden peacefully. The nostalgic red and white trams, hundreds years old bricks and atonishing castles are my memories of Praha, and of course the gloomy and wetty weather. To be honest, this place is not my favourites due to the brutal historic background of the German invashion and far back to the Medieval Times, yet its beauty of architechture is not to be doubted. 


During the stay,  lucky for us it rained at night and on the last day of the journey. It's pretty a short trip to explore and understand the whole of Praha, the favorite place of Mozart. The underground world and the skeleton building are still yet to be visited!!


Since I flew from London to this little city,  I have to confess I missed London on the second day already. Anyway,  just hope I could get back someday sooner or later with my friends and I highly recommend to couples who seek for a romantic destination! :) 

The Queit Little City...


We arrived at around 5, so we started off our journey at a restaurant near our house (found through Airbnb). We stopped by a restuarant just two blocks away called Hybernia, serving barbeque meats and Czech food. The charge is also unbelievably low in Prague, well comparing to London... It felt quite unbelievable when walking through streets in Europe, surrounded by all those mind-blowing buildings, listening to the unfamiliar tongue. Great to visit the supermarket, where I bought a magazine and a lot of candies with curiousity as souvorniers...(they taste like real herbs though duh-sorry my friends..hah)


Start off the day with some breakfast at the market nearby( everything is so near anyway..)  Forecasted to be a rainy day but thank God it's just gloomy and merely a bit of drizzling later the day.  Has been an eye-opening day seeing all the spectacular buildings and well-known tourists destinations(forgot some of the names), knowing the historical background and a lot of weird myths (a real human hand is hanged in a church as a sign of punishment by Mother Mary, who cut it from a man who tried to steal from her...). It's quite a history field trip and I kept imaging the life back in the early days, where people threw people out of the buildings when being mad at each other(sounds freaking crazy). The food at night was far from what we expected, I would say I am just not a big fan of Czech food. 

It's a great pleasure to wander through the quiet allies yet my heart lies in London still ...


Rainy day finally, so we didn't and couldn't go anywhere as we have planned to visit the skeleton building. Too bad the Jewish childhood museum was closed, so we headed to the church near the Astronomy Clock. The graceful vocals of the church choir resonated with the splashes of drip-drops outside the church perfectly. When the rain got even bigger, we literally popped into a nice looking cafe on the street where all expensive brands were located. It was quite a silent, cold and dusky afternoon, and all we wanted was to have something hot in our hands and stomachs... 


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