A place where I could call and feel like home aside from my home in HK and home at church.

London is officially my third home and is started to missed....


Filled with rich historical and deeply-rooted Britsih culture, one must be vulnerably hugged by the romantic and artisan atmosphere in this city. People who seek for elegance with an extra vibe in a place to stay, London is definitely the answer. For anyone who is passionate or intrigued in culture, history, architechture and arts would fall for this city, I promise! 

 I have a crave for museums, nature, architechture, food, musical and, last but not least, shopping!I reckon this city won't fail your expectation, but overwelmed you by all their alluring museums, charming hospitality and exotic getaway destinations. Satisfying your taste buds with soulfully crafted aliment, ranging from a cup of latte in Brick Lane to superior dining experience in Covent Garden.

This City has it all!


This is my one month London travel journal.

In company with my sister, exploring the best spots and having the times of our lives wandering around on the streets, through the building and by underground.   

Starting off...

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